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3005 peachtree rd. ne, suite d, atlanta, ga 30305

We are Moving...

To accommodate our clients with better service and atmosphere to relax and enjoy more of Sage experience,
we will be moving our business location to 2956 Hardman Ct. NE., Atlanta, GA 30305.
Because construction for new Sage is not finished yet, we are regret to inform you that there will be
transition time period. We will be reopening at new location at the end of September.
During the transition time, we are accepting appointments and gift card sale over the phone and on line.
Our phone number will not change. It is still 404.477.0107 and our email address is the same
We will answer your phone calls and emails promptly during this time to serve you and to provide any
assistance that you may need from us. We appreciate your support and hope you will get acquainted
with our the new location soon.
Thank you.