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massage therapy
stress relief to pain management. using only high quality
products, our caring & experienced massage therapist
take you through an unforgettable experience to
rejuvenate mind, body & spirit
smooth relaxation     $105 long, soft, soothing strokes. Improve circulation &
increase mobility
extreme harmony     $115 strong pressure is used to relieve tense, stressed &
sore muscles
intensive pain relief     $155 targets problem areas by breaking down tension &
relieving pain
aroma polish relaxing escape     $295 balances energy & releases tension with custom-blended
scents & body polish
soothing motherhood     $140 improves circulation to relieve swollen feet & legs,
lower back & muscle fatigue
healing stone     $160 smooth heated stones therapy, penetrate deep into
your muscles to release tension
sole energizing     $125 reflexology reduces stress, increases vitality &
restores wellness to body
sage skincare
melt away stress...