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a uniquely customized luxurious facial treatment,
that you’ve never experienced before.
encouraging vibrancy, clarity & healthy skin.
enjoy the benefits of an extensive line of high
quality products suited just for you
instant balancing    $260 balanced cleansing & toning to leave instant
refreshed skin
essential power C     $280 targets free radical damage & promotes a visibly
more radiant skin tone
express hydrating B5     $310 promotes moisture enhancing & a superior hydration
designed for environmentally damaged & dehydrated skin
cellular renewal energy     $380 advanced deep skin renewing action increases cell turnover
to help diminish fine lines & other signs of aging
mom to be radiance     $310 non acid exfoliation, a relaxing & rebalancing glow
for all pregnancy stages
hydra ultimate rejuvenation     $420 ultra rich & renewing, provides skin maximum smoothness &
firmness for mature & aging skin
intensive refining glycolic     $260 improves complexion, reduces fine lines & wrinkles,
leaving a healthy glow & pore resurfacing
rosacea soothing relief     $360 helps strengthen & sooth, minimize visible redness,
perfect for couperose & delicate skin
brightening booster     $310 help minimize uneven skin tone & post blemish discoloration.
great for hyper pigmented spots
ultra calming aloe & cucumber     $340 instant cooling & soothing. helps reduce inflammation.
perfect for environmentally damaged skin
comfort clarifying acne     $310 promotes a clear & healthy looking complexion by using
high frequency to help sterilize & give healing results
nourishing pumpkin enzyme     $310 rejuvenates, soothes & improves by reducing fine lines,
wrinkles & discoloration
restoring collagen infusion     $320 stimulates elasticity & helps replenish healthy collagen
production. great for aging skin
just for him     $310 deep pore cleansing & toning to restore
a healthy complexion
anti-aging alpha-beta     $280 intensively helps antioxidant cell turnover. anti-inflammatory
that soothes & neutralizes irritated skin
sage signature deluxe     $650 luxurious treatment for combining an express hydrating B5
facial with neck & décolleté & advanced eye rescue
protective teen purifying     $280 prevents break-outs & regulates imbalances of young
congested skin
microdermabrasion- diamond peel a minimally invasive process, to progressively exfoliate
the outer layer to leave skin smooth & healthy.
can also lighten pigmentation & promote collagen
with a facial     $320
only microdermabrasion     $290
neck & décolleté     $280
back treatment     $420
essential neck & décolleté     $220 restores tone, smoothes & helps reduce fine lines for a
healthy & youthful appearance
instant back glow     $360 back & shoulder treatment for removal of impurities
balances your skin & leaves it radiant
facial for arm     $420 improves skin’s texture & tone on upper arms. leaves
skin velvety soft & looks radiant with microderm
energy eye relief     $95 increases circulation, soothe dark circles & relieves puffiness advanced eye rescue     $125 promote collagen production, nourishes fine lines,
hydrates & firms
collagen lip contour     $95 reduces lines, improves hydration & restores volume to your lips advanced lash tint     $80 advanced brow tint     $70
sage skincare
purifying skin...