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training to be a professional dancer, and believing it
was her destiny, connie moved to the united states
to pursue her career. however, after a few years, she
found her true calling: skincare & make-up artistry. 
enrolling in a new york city skin care school, she
became a skilled make-up artist & aesthetician.
her emerging talent, & energetic attitude helped her
to develop a large clientele, and it did not take
long for connie to have loyal clients that included
celebrities & high fashion models. connie expanded
her repertoire to design make-up for films & fashion
shoots, working with top fashion photographers & directors.
connie brought her more than twenty years of experience
in skin care & make-up artistry to the atlanta area
opening sage skincare, llc in the summer of 2001 in
which she performed all services. connie envisioned
bringing a place to atlanta where her clients could
escape the stress of daily life & routine. a perfectionist
at heart, connie always strives to improve her
abilities & services. in november of 2003, she expanded
her list of services & staff opening sage skincare & spa
which now offers her clients the most advanced skin care,
massage therapy & body treatments.
sage skincare
awaken the spirit...